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1. Configure layout.

From back-end of NTS KMaterial template choose Features tab. Click to Category columns option, select number of category per row.

Click to template manager

2. Add background image for a category.

With NTS KMaterial template you can add a background image for a category. Like below image

Click to template manager

Step 1From your back-end, go to Components → Kunena Forum → Category Manager menu. Remember the category id you want to add background image.

Step 2Create a image with image name is category id number (example: 3.png, 4.png,...).

Step 3Copy that image to [Root]/media/kunena/category_images/" folder.

Step 4Back to front-end and refresh your site.

3. Configure template color to match with your site.

With NTS KMaterial you can choose unlimited colors for template. From your back-end, go to Components → Kunena Forum → Template Manager menu. Click to NTS KMaterial template.

Click the Colors tab you can choose color for forum link color, forum header background,... and more...

Click to template manager