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Hung PhamCo-founder, 9ThemeStore

In this article we'll guide you how to install the Joomshopping template. After reading this article, I think you will find it easy to install templates for Joomshopping component.

Step 1: Save the template package to your local.

Step 2: Unzip the template package on your local.

Step 3: Copy the nts_[template name] folder to [root]/components/com_jshoping/templates/ folder.

Step 4: Copy the nts_[template name].css file to the [root]/components/com_jshoping/css/ folder.

Step 5: Login to back-end of your site and go to "components/JoomShopping/Configuration/General/".

Click to template manager

Click the General button.

Click to template manager

Choose template default for your site and click the Save button.

Click to template manager

Step 6: Back to front-end and refesh your site.

Please send us the request if you have some problems. Thanks