The section will help you with steps to install the NTS KTrend manual installation.

System requirement

  • Joomla 4.x
  • Kunena 6.1.x

Download template package

  • 1Login on our website with your account
  • 2Click to the My Order(s) → Kunena Template menu. Then download the template you purchased.

Template package structure


  • (Template package for Kunena version 5.x)
  • (Template package for Kunena version 6.x)
  • readme.txt

Manual Installation

The Kunena component supports the installation of templates separately from Joomla! Extensions. So follow the steps below to install a new theme for your forum.

  • 1From back-end of your website click to the Components → Kunena Forum → Templates menu.
  • 2Click to the New Template button on top bar.
  • 3Browse to the template package you just downloaded.
  • 4Click to the Update file & Install button to install the template.

Set NTS KTrend as default template style

After the installation is done successfully, the template will be displayed in the installed templates list Components → Kunena Forum → Templates. Select the template and press the Default button on the top bar.

Set template as default

Set NTS KTrend as default template style

Template configuration

This section will help you configure the category thumbnail and change the color for some forum elements.

Change the category icon

  • 1From backend: Click the Components → Kunena Forum → Category menu. Open the category want to add background.
  • 2In the Category name and Description tab enter the icon class name in the Category Icon field (Use FontAwesome class fa-heart).
  • 3Save the setting and back to your forum view the change.
Click this link to see all the icons.

Theme color settings

With the NTS KTrend template you can change the colors for some elements of the forum to match the colors on your website, such as the forum's main color, the main menu color, the link color, change the color of the template please follow the steps below.

  • 1From Kunena template configure, click the Colors tab.
  • 2Use the color picker to change color for brand colors, menu color, link color,...

Backup & Update

Backup settings

All settings will be saved in the file params.ini in the [root]/components/com_kunena/templates/nts_kgrid/config/. So you need to back up this file when updating the new version for the template.

Update new version

To update the new version of the template you need to download the latest package from our website. Then perform the installation again following the steps in the installation section.


Add custom CSS

To customize some forum elements to better suit your website. Follow some of the steps below.

  • 1From Backend: Components → Kunena Forum → Templates menu.
  • 2Mark template you want to add custom CSS. Then click the Edit CSS button on the top bar.
  • 3Enter your CSS code. Click Save or Save & Close
  • 4Empty the Cache if your turn on.
Add custom css

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