Install NTS KUniq template.

  1. From your back-end go to the Components → Kunena Forum →Template Manager menu.
  2. Click to New Template button.
  3. Browse to the template you want to install.
  4. Click to Upload File & Install button.
  5. Make a default template from template list
  6. Back to front-end and refresh your forum.

Add the image cover for a category.

  1. From your back-end, go to Components → Kunena Forum → Category Manager menu. Remember the category id of the category you want to add background image.
  2. Create a image with image name is "category id number" (example: 3.png, 4.png,...).
  3. Copy that image to [Root]/media/kunena/category_images/" folder.
  4. Back to front-end and refresh your site.

Custom colors for template.

  1. From your back-end click to Components → Kunena Forum → Templates.
  2. Click to NTS KUniq template, choose Colors tab.
  3. Choose color for forum elements.
  4. Save and back to front-end to view all changes.

Custom style for template.

  1. Create a style file with named nts_kuniq_custom.css.
  2. Add the your custom CSS rules to the nts_kuniq_custom.css file
  3. Copy the nts_kuniq_custom.css file to the css folder of the active Joomla! template.
  4. Back to front-end and refresh your site to view changes.

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