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Update news

Update Joomla 4.0.3

Today we are pleased to announce that we have finished to update all Kunena templates to compatible with Kunena forum latest version 4.0.3. Now you can log-in on our site, download the latest version of Kunena template you purchased and update to your site.

Update Joomla 4.0.0

Today we are pleased to announce an update all Kunena templates to compatible with Kunena 4.0.0 At the present time all Kunena templates are working fine on Kunena latest version.

Update Joomla 3.0.7

All Kunena templates have just been upgraded to compatible with Kunena component latest version 3.0.7. In this version the Kunena template focus to add new functions, improved the BBCode, language strings,... and fix bugs.

Improve style for all JComments Template

We are pleased to announce about new update for all JComments templates. In this update we focused improvement more style for BBCode editor and comment element. Please login on our site with your account and download latest version for your site. Click this link to check out a JComments template for your site.

Update Joomla 3.0.6

Hi guys

The Kunena team released a new version for Kunena component. There is important issues updated in this package, click here to view more updates detail.